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This website aims is to be a source of marketing analytics tips and tricks. We aim our content at business owners, marketers and analysts looking to gain insight into how people interact with your business. And we will be starting with, but not stopping at, the easiest one to measure, online.
Marketing analytics
We publish a blog with news on marketing analytics and detailed start guides for the most important topics. Anything you read in the these guides has the potential to translate into a efficiency increase for your business. And we present it in a logical order, so you know where to start, and more importantly, where to stop. Are we missing anything in Marketing Analytics that should be there, please let us know.

So you think you there now? Not really. You could be doing a whole lot more by getting started with Digital Advertising

  1. Adwords
  2. Adwords conversion tracking & bidding
  3. Marketing attribution
  4. Search attribution
  5. Remarketing
  6. Cross channel tracking
  7. Digital branding
  8. Test incrementality
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