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This website aims is to be a source of online marketing analytics tips and tricks. We aim our content at business owners, marketers and analysts looking to gain insight into how people interact with your business. We will be starting with, but not stopping at, the easiest one to measure, the website.

Marketing analytics

We publish detailed start guides that will enable you to start collecting data about your online performance. Anything you read in the these online marketing guides has the potential to translate into a profit increase for your business. We present it in a logical order, so you know where to start, and more importantly, where to stop.

You should start on our start page. Our start page has a detailed description on how to improve your  Google Analytics setup. We are working on the Search Console (SEO) start guide as well. Eventually, we hope to get start guides for all relevant online marketing  and marketing analytics tools. We eventually want to be a guide that helps small and large businesses navigate the broader world of Marketing Technology.

You will find information relevant for small, medium and large enterprise, and a broad range of techniques, tools and strategies. We hope our content supports you in the online marketing efforts of your organisation.

And last but not least, if you feel any content is missing, or you would like to contribute content, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking for authors.

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